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Shonna Nitzel

Owner of Provo31 Events

Crafting Bold & Innovative Events Worldwide


A Wealth of Knowledge & Expertise

Shonna Nitzel, a seasoned show designer with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation is the owner of Provo31 Events. With a robust educational background and a portfolio of qualifications that speak volumes, Shonna brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring every event is a masterpiece, no matter where in the world it takes place. 


Bachelors of Arts in Humanities: Shonna's education in humanities provides a unique perspective on understanding the human element in events. It's this understanding that allows her to design experiences that resonate deeply with attendees. 


Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management: With a master's degree in hospitality and tourism management, Shonna possesses the strategic insights necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of event planning, ensuring every detail is meticulously accounted for. 


Certified Meeting Planner (CMP): Shonna's CMP certification is a testament to her dedication and professionalism in the field. It signifies her commitment to delivering top-tier events that exceed expectations. 


Healthcare Meetings, Compliant Certified (HMCC): In a specialized field like healthcare meetings, compliance and attention to detail are paramount. Shonna's HMCC certification ensures that healthcare-related events are executed flawlessly and in accordance with industry regulations. 


Medical Meeting Professional (MMP): Planning medical meetings requires an extremely high level of skill and education. Shonna holds this newest certification which allows her to understand medical compliance regulations, terminologies, and processes for corporate and associations medical meetings worldwide. 


Shonna Nitzel's mission is to transform your event into a masterpiece, delivering experiences that leave a lasting impact. With qualifications that are second to none and a passion for innovative design, Shonna is your partner in creating events that are bold, beautiful, and truly unforgettable.

Elegant Event
Certified Meeting Professional
Shonna's commitment to excellence extends to her involvement in industry organizations: 

IATA Member
(International Air Transport Association)

As a member of IATA, Shonna stays connected with the latest developments in air travel and logistics, ensuring that the transportation aspects of your event are seamlessly managed. 


SITE Member
(Society for Incentive Travel Excellence)

SITE membership demonstrates Shonna's dedication to delivering exceptional incentive travel experiences. She understands that these experiences are more than just trips; they're opportunities to motivate and reward. 

Women Owned Business

Shonna Nitzel is the proud owner of Provo31LLC, a woman-owned business licensed to operate across the United States and around the globe. As a business owner, Shonna understands the importance of personalized service and the reputation it takes to make each event truly exceptional. 

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